Based on your instruction we select, invite, handle and monitor as a trust center service any appropriate certified assayer in Europe and overseas regions for mining, metal, chemical, solid fuels industry related assaying.

Further, we provide a comprehensive range of technical support services for a variety of base and new precious metal mining projects.

The stages of Exploration, Developement,Construction and the operational part includes comprehensive services like geochemical and metallurgical testing, method development and documentation for investors, equipment and process chain advice, security/sealing/transport safety related plus personnel training.

We only select service partners committed to rigorous quality standards:

 ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 certification are among the accreditations held by local laboratories and international offices.

To satisfy both trading partners needs we initially seek a personal or telephone contact to incorporate seller and manufacturer side needs and design inspection services to meet those demands. Services include :

  • Supervision of weighing, sampling, sealing at loading, discharge and transit locations
  • Calibration of weighing equipment present in warehouses
  • Sample preparation, radioactivity testing and moisture determination