Modular sourcing concept for emerging economies needs.

Pro bono, fully modular and exclusive Sourcing 360° for Go’s – NGO’s

Today, the Emerging Markets stamp the face of the world economy, while they contribute nearly a 50 percent share to the global economic achievement.

Even in the worldwide recession they showed relatively robust growth and now state the global impetus.

Meanwhile, emerging markets have competitive advantages due to structural, significantlyhigher growth potential than developed countries. The best conditions for long-term positivedevelopment are created by three factors:

Its strength in exports, emerging, middle classes consumer demands and especially the development of local infrastructures.

EMECOS provides diverse, expanding, sustainable and economically viable sourcing of physical infrastructure solutions for country development to a wide range of mostly public and also private clients in overseas locations in areas of: 

Water & Wastewater. Urban Development. Mining & Resources. Environment & Water Quality. Coastal, Ocean. Marine and Offshore Security. Healthcare. Building & Property, Transport related.

The freely made available modules of:

Product Sourcing 
Overseas Agent Service with full Europe coverage
Negotiations & Mediation

needed between our client needs and a possible, new supplier makes EMECOS any GO / NGO’s organisation first stop source to fulfill local demands more cost effective by outsourcing internal purchase operations. Free your local resources immediately from the costly hassles of dealing, controlling, monitoring and follow up of your various sources.