You might have heard the story about Columbus and the egg. Columbus was seeking financial support for one of his voyages.

He asked those Admirality guy’s present if they could made an egg stand upright. Several tried before Columbus took the egg and slighly crushed the bottom portion, allowing the egg, to stand upright and made him to emphasize his point that:  “New ways have to be found to reach our goals” Sustainable Sourcing 360°, integrating the key purpose economy principles by delivering client centric services to our customers, your business voyage has in principle that meaning to us.

Our purpose is to work to help individuals or groups od individuals. We are driven to ensure everyone has access. We generate purpose most when we work to create contexts and experiences that address the needs of people and their environment. So our imperative is to work directly with individuals to overcome either societal or distance barriers by creating their environments and experiences. Therefore we offer voluntary payment option and also work Pro Bono for governmental organisations and SMEs SMBs in Emerging Markets.