newbridgeProduct sourcing basically means finding a product or service to sell through your established business or to use it within your production chain processes. Sustainable Sourcing 360° goes far beyond that understanding by servicing your individual, key trade chain needs.

Strategic sourcing for different products & services often requires also the services of a clearing house & trust center involved, especially in a early stage, were trust is not fully established between two possible partners. Depending of the nature of a sourced product, it’s quality or typical chemical composition needs to be assayed.


In all these processes above a deep understanding of the psychologic mechanics and interculture conflicts mediation during communication and negotiation processes is very helpful. That might directly lead to a successful deal.

We have indeed earned some remarkable success having nonviolent business communication involved has always the individual and specific views, feelings, needs and often not clearly expressed request of all potential partners involved might result in a new quality of decision binding all parties.

This “change of talk” is especially useful on trade shows if we are involved within the scope of our overseas agent service. Further this change in communication is often a real ice breaker in our most challenging service of trade financing is often huge time consuming and our most challenging service of all.

Our specialized team “Sourcing & Procurement” (S&P) helps your purchase department to maximize its value contribution through cost optimization. By this, we mean not only savings, but in particular active risk management, innovation and sustainability. And thus all the dimensions of purchase, strategy, organizational models, processes and IT, category management and internal competence building.

Strategic Sourcing / Category Management – Design, introduction and implementation of product cost management, and global sourcing as well as supplier relationship management. From the inception of concrete processes up to the complete, final offer with a focus on optimized, effective contribution to optimized, economic business results.

Procurement Risk Management – Development of product group and procurement strategies to deal with risks, such as disruption in the supply chain or price instability. Development of a comprehensive, holistic approach to detection, monitoring and mitigation of risks.

Sustainable Sourcing 360° is our offer for you, to choose from our carefully designed trade chain services as you need them.